As today is said to be an age of uncertainty,
experiences that deeply and truly touch our heart are increasingly valuable.

We believe that having the sense that we only have the “here and now for myself” is not something attainable from the Internet, but is a fundamental source of joy for humans.

We strive for two things: diversifying the two elements that Hokuto-shi holds,
namely the arts and nature, and refining “the value of the city that people find in spending time.”
“Art,” “Architecture,” “Live Concert,” “Food and Drinks,” “Starry Sky” and “Water.” “Hokuto Art Program”
is an organization that aims for growth as the real value of tourism resources
by merging those elements with each other.

2020 was the first year for this endeavor, and we held its 0th edition to keep our hopes up for the future.
From now on, we look forward to having a memorable time with you all.
Hokuto-shi is surrounded by rich nature. It is well-known as a comfortable area to live due to the large difference in elevation from the surrounding mountain region. On top of that, it has unique assets including the longest daylight duration in Japan and the largest production of still water in the country. It also produces high-quality fruits and other crops as well as high-quality wine and other distilled/brewed liquor that are made from those crops, which is known across the country. Moreover, it is a place with landscapes distinct to Japan, such as the mountains of the Southern Alps, a peek of Mt. Fuji over the mountain ridge and a breathtaking starry sky. “There is no bigger potential as a place to enjoy the arts and music.” That is the starting point of this project.


We create memorable and moving experiences by merging different cultures including the arts and music with the landscape and air inherent to this area. Our aim is to provide not only a reason for people to visit Hokuto-shi for the first time, but also a chance for the people involved in supporting this area to create the next era. For a time to unleash your senses.

Night art programs, stargazing experience programs, night walks and night entertainment programs will also be held. Hokuto-shi not only has art facilities, but also a variety of nature and alcohol, ingredients, dishes and rich nature that are highly acclaimed worldwide. This project will provide new “cultural tourism experiences” with a focus on “overnight events” instead of day trips. It will provide “experience-based contents” that incorporate night artworks and music events. Additionally, we are going to work towards achieving SDGs in the future, such as addressing food waste and holding events using renewable energy.


  • 清春芸術村
    Art museums in Hokuto surrounded by rich nature, with the Southern Alps to the west, Mt. Yatsugatake to the north and Mt. Fuji to the south. Shirakaba Museum, designed by Yoshio Taniguchi, has various collections such as impressionist works represented by Rodin and Rouault, modern art works, Japanese modern art works including Ryuzaburo Umehara and Ryusei Kishida and a collection of Naoya Shiga. Museum of the Light, designed by Tadao Ando, exhibits a wide range of contemporary art works created by both Japanese and foreign artists. Tearoom Tetsu was designed by Terunobu Fujimori. This is an art and culture complex with buildings designed by notable architects.
  • 中村キース・ヘリング美術館
    Nakamura Keith Haring Collection The only museum in the world to exclusively exhibit the artworks of Keith Haring. This is a museum where you can enjoy his works of art that were created in the metropolitan city of New York, and feel their energy, facing the artist’s spirit in the natural beauty of Mt. Yatsugatake. It was designed by Atsushi Kitagawara, a leading Japanese architect. You will see numerous precious works with a curator’s guided tour. From next year, we are going to hold music events, art talks and night events in collaboration with the museum.
  • 身曾岐神社
    This shrine teaches the practice of “Misogi,” the heart of ancient Shinto founded by Masakane Inoue, who is also the deity of the shrine. It widely shares its virtue with everyone. At its “Noh theater,” which represents the original culture of Japan, are beautifully exhibited night artworks with cutting edge technologies. Moreover, a performance by “Atsuko Hatano,” a string player who is highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad, is to be shown (video recording).

We will deliver the latest information on HOKUTO ART PROGRAM from the next time onwards. Please register your e-mail address.